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Admiral Benneth Dyson
Admiral of the Fleet Benneth Dyson
Homeworld: Earth
Race: White (North American)
Gender: Male
Born: 2135 (58 standard years of age)
Hair: White
Eyes: Hazel
Cybernetics: none
Genetic Alterations: none
Political Information
Affiliation: Civil Triumvirate, Legionnaire Navy
Callsign: none
Code Name: none
Rank: Admiral of the Fleet
Position: Commanding Officer, Legionnaire Navy
Station: YSAD Benedict
Spouse/Partner: Helen Dyson
Parents: Lin Dyson, Tabitha Dyson
Siblings: none
Children: William Dyson, Patrick Dyson, Melissa Dyson
Close Friends: Stephen West
"Turn the ship around!"
— Dyson, upon hearing about the catastrophe striking Earth at Sydney

Benneth Dyson (2135––) was the Admiral of the Fleet and Commanding Officer of the Legionnaire Navy. He was a strong commander, excercising brutal discipline over those who reported to him. He held his post aboard YSAD Benedict, the Alliance flagship of the Mother Fleet.


Benneth Dyson was one of the strongest military leaders in the known galaxy, and his knowledge of three-dimensional space combat and naval strategy was second to none. He was a man of ferocious loyalty and brutal discipline, often driving his immediate subordinates with the most brutal discpline. While he hated Deviants just like everyone in Proper Society, he often criticized the methods of LOPO. He had a secret hope that the Deviants of the galaxy could rejoin Proper Society willingly, rather than through the terrifying methods of re-assimilation.

While a cold and cunning military man while aboard his flagship, the YSAD Benedict, he was also a family man. A loving husband of 26 years and a father of three, he held a softness in him that was only seen by members of the Dyson family.

Special Traits[]

His strongest traits were an impeccable sense for military strategy and protocol, along with a vast knowledge of Alliance code of operations and regulations. These traits were honed during his early years in the Legionnaire Navy, when he served as the armory officer aboard YSG Wolfhound. As the armory officer aboard a gunship, his role was critically important. He had to know when to strike and how to strike; his efficiency would only be tarnished by his own hesitation.

As he climbed the ranks, he became known as a strong, honorable, yet brutal commander, with a strategic instinct that was second to none.


Benneth Dyson was born in the year 2135 in the metropolitan centre of Chicago in the North American Province of Earth. As a child, he excelled in his studies, and was eventually placed into the Alliance Academy of Naval Excellence at the Martian Colony of Vencilles. At the age of 17, he was formally enlisted into the Legionnaire Navy, and served as a defense crewman aboard the YSC Jupiter.

He graduated from the academy five years later, and with the fresh officer's rank of Ensign, was assigned to the YSG Wolfhound as armory officer. There, he served with the utmost excellence, and began his climb through the ranks toward Captainhood.

He was still serving aboard the Wolfhound when he first met Helen Krieg in 2163. A strapping, young Lieutenant, he encountered her while on leave at Trelus II. She was fascinated with his stories of conquest; he, enchanted by her and her philosophy studies at Oxford. Four years later, they were married.

Climbing The Ranks[]

Dyson was only 33 standard years of age when he was given command of his first vessel. He assumed command of the YSC Abrogator in 2168 and became the youngest Legionnare servant to Captain a starship in the Alliance. He held this post until 2181, when he was elevated to the rank of Baron Admiral and granted command of the Deschanian System Defense Fleet. There, he held an impeccable record, sacrificing no losses to the obnoxious hit-and-fade strategies of the Freedom Coalition. Five years later, he was promoted to the rank of Regent Admiral, and honored with command of the Terran Sector Unit.

Benneth played a key role in the fateful Centauri War of 2190. As commander of the Terran Sector Unit, his decision making helped to drive off the Coalition Forces and keep the Alpha Centauri System secure. After the battle, Admiral of the Fleet Dema Jons retired from service, and the position was granted to Benneth Dyson. He now held the post powerful position in his line of work, save becoming a member of the Triumvirate itself.

Chasing Kale[]

In September of 2193, a series of events would change Benneth Dyson's life forever. It began with reports of a Coalition attack on the Klius Research Facility, the detainment of a Coalition spy named "Kyle Reese," and the abduction of a Marso-Deka Corporation test subject named Subject 804.C. He tasked Rear Admiral Peter Drake of the Atlas Fleet to find Subject 804.C, while using his authority to interrogate the Coalition spy He tried to reason with Reese, but the agent refused his offer and was left in the hands of brutal LOPO interrogators.

Meanwhile, Drake's armada had tracked a rogue Coalition corvette to a mining colony in the Polari System. While the corvette escaped, Drake suspected that Subject 804.C was hiding somewhere at the Polari Mining Colony. While Dyson made his way for Earth with the Coalition spy in custody, he ordered Drake and his Executive Officer, Commodore West, to use any resources they can to find Jacob Kale.

Dyson was not much of an interrogator. When the LOPO agents had no luck with Reese, Dyson made another attempt to break Reese, this time by threatening to enslave all of the dark-skinned humans like himself. Reese remained resilient, offering nothing.

Reaching Earth, Dyson ordered Drake to put his Atlas Fleet on a rapid deployment protocol, before being summoned before the Civil Triumvirate itself. His methods of using Drake were approved of by President Jonathan Deka and General Vereor, but Warlord Brecke disagreed, believing the fleet would be best used hunting and destroying Coalition bases. That's when Lei Maiyao, Source Director of LOPO, along with President Deka, offered vague particulars behind the experiment that created Jacob Kale, and why it is so important that he be located. Engineered to be the perfect human, Kale was abducted before LOPO could complete their preparations. His untested existence could prove to be catastrophic, should he be swayed by Coalition propoganda.

Custody of Kyle Reese was taken away from Benneth and given to General Vereor. With Drake turning up nothing at the Polari Mining Colony, Dyson was growing frustrated. Instead of finding Kale, Drake reported a series of oddities that had begun taking place at the colony; strange anomalies that could not be explained by anyone. Curiosity spiked, Dyson took it upon himself to report these findings directly to Lei Maiyao herself, at LOPO's Central Control Office on Earth's moon. Surprisingly, she ordered that anyone with knowledge of Jacob Kale have their minds wiped, with the exception of herself, Dyson, and Vereor. Shedding a bit more light on who Jacob Kale really was, Maiyao explained that the 804 Project encountered some unfortunate mishaps, which were thought to be corrected; however the developments at Polari V proved otherwise. She told Dyson that he would not find Kale, but rather, that Kale would surface, and he should be prepared by finding Kale's counterparts, which could be used as leverage.

The 804 Project[]

Finding themselves at a dead end, Drake and Dyson began fashioning a plan that could lure the CSC Lilith's Omen into a trap. After setting the complicated plan into motion, a report reaches Benneth about a Coalition attack on the Australian Province that put his wife and oldest son in danger. Fearing for their lives, Dyson orders his flagship back to Earth, where the utter chaos of a ferocious storm has caused evacuation efforts to break down.

Fortunately, Benneth's wife and son were eventually rescued and whisked away to safety. His oldest son, William, had been safely evacuated from Port Macquarie the evening before. At 10:25am on September 21st, 2193, his wife Helen was located. Benneth took immediate custody of her and kept her in safety aboard his flagship. It was there, in his quarters, where she revealed to him a secret recording that had been implanted inside her monitor by a LOPO agent named Kristopher Glosten. This recording implicated the Marso-Deka Corporation, alongside LOPO, as being responsible for the catastrophe that was destroying Sydney and half of the Australian Province.

Having disabled the security feed in his quarters at his wife's request, the attention of a LOPO agent escorting them was drawn. When the LOPO agent realized that Helen was sharing secret information with her husband, he made to arrest her. It was Helen who stole the agent's disruptor baton and used it against him. With a fresh knowledge of the 804 Project and it's implications, Benneth took it upon himself to enact General Order 400.2, which temporarily locked down all of LOPO's assets across Dyson's Mother Fleet, until an official ruling on the situation could be made by the Civil Triumvirate.

Meanwhile, similar catastrophic weather patterns were starting to appear all across the Mother Planet. Benneth, seeking any answer he could to find Jacob Kale, sent his flagship to dock with Orbital Platform L-200. He confronted Korynn Fleming and General Vereor about the situation, but both neglect to agree with him. Vereor went so far as to attack Dyson, nearly killing him.

"You will pay dearly for this betrayal, Benneth Dyson."
Korynn Fleming's threat to Dyson.

He was revived some time later by a Coalition operative named Jane Veston. She and her compatriots had infiltrated the facility, posing as LOPO agents themselves. Much to Dyson's surprise, Captain Alan Metler of the Lilith's Omen is present, alongside Jacob Kale. Feeling betrayed by his peers, Dyson reluctantly entered a truce with Captain Metler, and led them back to his flagship, the Benedict.


Once safely aboard the Benedict, Captain Metler shared a time-traveling experience with Dyson, explaining that he, Jacob, and their party had been caught in one of the anomalies at Polari V, and somehow transported through time into the year 2241. Dyson did not believe him at first, until Metler showed him data and recordings taken from the future. The records told a tale of Earth being destroyed in the year 2235, and when reviewed closely, the wreckage of this future event seemed to match the line of storm clouds visible on the planet from Dyson's ship. Shocked, Dyson recalled the 804 Project recording, and how it spoke of certain vergences with otherspace being a result of the experiments conducted. Suddenly, Metler's time-traveling tale became convincing.

Dyson knew that it was time to act. General Order 400.2 gave him the right to bring this case to the Triumvirate directly, unhindered by LOPO. However, LOPO's own Korynn Fleming used his power to circumvent law, and made good on his earlier threat to Dyson. He forced Dyson to watch via a remote feed as his children were brutally executed as payment for his actions. Then, before anything could be done for her, Helen Dyson was killed in the same manner, her monitor being remotely accessed to overcook and melt her brain.

Vengeance came upon Dyson in blind fury. With Fleming out of reach, he turned his grief-stricken malice upon his own Executive Officer, Stephen West, who was responsible for notifying Fleming about Dyson's actions. After strangling West in cold-blooded revenge, he ordered the Mother Fleet to form a blockade around Earth, until the crisis could be investigated.

Peter Drake and the Atlas Fleet then returned to Earth, and squared off against Dyson's forces. It was then that Dyson formed an alliance with Captain Metler, and started down his path of defection.

Dyson's story continues to be told on Animus: The Struggle for Survival.