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The rank of Captain was among the most broadly used military ranks in the galaxy. It was used by both the Freedom Coalition and the Yellow Star Alliance, and found home in both their naval and army organizations, respectively. It even, occasionally, was used as a military intelligence rank.

Naval Use[]

The rank of Captain was usually recognized as belonging to the Commanding Officer of a starship. This was true in both the Coalition Space Fleet and the Legionnaire Navy. The Captain of a starship would report directly to his superior officer, which would usually be a Coalition Rear or Vice Admiral, or a Triumvirate Baron or Regent Admiral.

Army Use[]

The rank of Captain was also used in ground-based armed units, and usually belonged to the Commanding Officer of a specific army unit.

Intelligence Use[]

The rank of Captain was also utilized by Coalition Military Intelligence. It was considered an "in-field rank", and was only assigned to those who conducted field work in conjuction with the military. The Intel Captain (IntCap, grade O3) would usually serve as Field Team Commanders during a military environment.

List of Naval Captains[]

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List of Army Captains[]

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