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The Coalition Space Fleet was the spaceborne, naval-style branch of the Coalition military. Its starships brought battle to the Civil Triumvirate, defended Coalition territory, and patrolled the border regions for Yellow Star Alliance movements. They were the first line of defense, and the first to enter battle. They were also responsible for transporting the Coalition Marines and the Marine Starfighter Corps to their destinations, and provided a mobile home base for marine operations.


The Coalition Space Fleet consisted of three main operating forces and a number of administrative organizations.

Military General Command[]

Due to the nature of military operations against the Civil Triumvirate, the most important operational decisions usually began at this level.

Coalition Space Fleet Forces Command[]

After orders were handed down from the Military General Command, Space Fleet Forces Command was responsible for carrying out operations based on those orders. This unit, based on Animus IV, would organize various fleets and task groups as needed. It would also assure the daily ongoing operations of the standard fleets.

Fleet Organization[]

Naval Task Forces[]

Within each fleet, vessels were often organized into Naval Task Forces. They would usually consist of at least four vessels. For larger operations, the task groups could be broken down into individual units, which would range anywhere from a single ship to a unit of four. Many times, a Naval Task Force would see itself used repeatedly in different operations, while in some cases, a Naval Task Force may exist only for one individual mission.

Naval Medical Corps[]

Given the size and scope of naval operations, a specific division of doctors and medics existed within the fleet, complete with its own command structure of flag officers, command officers and enlisted. It was called the Coalition Naval Medical Corps and had members stationed aboard every space station and starship in the fleet.

Naval Operations Corps[]

The Coalition Naval Operations Corps was a subdivision of the fleet. It was responsible for the operation of naval bases and space stations. In addition, it managed the construction of shipyards and space stations.


Flag Officer Grade[]

Line Officer[]

Enlisted - Fleet Level[]

Enlisted - Fleet, Force, or Command Level[]

Enlisted - Command Level[]


Duty Uniform[]

The standard duty uniform consisted of pressed brown pants and a matching shirt. Both were adorned with white trim. The rank insignia, required to be in mint condition, was the only real sign of pomp and circumstance. It was worn on the left breast, and a stylized patch identifying the station was worn on the right. The duty uniform was devoid of any awards or service ribbons.

Medical (Patient)[]

Patients within a Fleetship's medical bay wore a padded white medical gown. The padding was essential due to the occasionally turbulent nature of space travel.

Battle Ensign[]

The battle ensign was an acronym used as a preface before every commissioned starship. These acronyms helped to easily signify the size, scale, class, and general use of the vessel.

  • Attack Destroyer-Class vessels: Coalition Space Destroyer (CSD)
  • Starfighter Carrier vessels: Coalition Star Fighter Carrier (CSFC)
  • Cruiser-Class vessels: Coalition Cruiser (CCR)
  • Frigate-Class vessels: Coalition Space Frigate (CSF)
  • Corvette-Class vessels: Coalition Space Corvette (CSC)
  • Gunship-Class vessels: Coalition Gun Ship (CGS)

Deployment List[]

This is a list of vessels commissioned by the Coalition Space Fleet for military duty. They are organized by deployment.

Vessels Destroyed/Captured[]

Capital Ship Classes[]

Space Stations / Defense Platforms[]




  • Sentry-One Battlecraft



  • Selma-Triton Bulwark-class heavy cruiser
  • Selma-Triton Skimmer-class light cruiser
  • Selma-Triton Strike-class medium cruiser


  • Animus-class Assault Ship
  • Nebula-class Escort Frigate

Corvettes and Gunships[]